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Art Wells

Officiating at a wedding.

The Rainbow Center
Weddings » Traditional and non. We will work with you to make your wedding the way you want.
Funerals » Traditional and non.
Counseling / Healing » Helper for psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
Teacher of: » Metaphysics (explaining or at least hinting at the fundamental nature of being and the world including reality, creation, creator and so on.
Meditation Instruction » Body positions, relaxation, breathing, taming the mind, mantras, etcetera.
Native American Teaching » Native American "Way of Life " Philosophy, the inter-connectedness of all life.
Land Restoration
Working with Mother Earth
Tree Planting / Landscaping
House / Room Cleansing » If you are feeling weirded out or uncomfortable in a particular location or room or house, we can help you clear the air so to speak.
Reiki Master » I do energy treatments on a regular basis. Sessions typically last from one half to one hour. My Reiki table (similar to a massage table) is portable so that we can come to you. The table is not an absolute requirement and we can do remote healings also. As a Master, I am able to train others. Most important: You must be willing to heal.
Drumming Circle » We have fifteen or so different drums. All of them love to be played. All we need are two or three people who want to play. Usually all we need is a phone call. It is possible that we could bring drums to you. Many people think it is harder to do than it is. Many people are self conscious and afraid to fail or make a fool of themselves. That doesn’t happen. We start out with a basic rhythm and then others join in as they feel. It’s easy.
Divination » One of the meanings is “to discover hidden knowledge by supernatural methods.” In the past we have us searched for water or pipelines using divining rods with moderate success. These days we use a pendulum to get answers to important and/or tough questions. In the section on Huna we talked about being three part beings. Using the pendulum involves utilizing the subconscious self to get information from the High Self. Using this method, we can help you learn to help yourself.
Bridge » I am willing to serve as a bridge between this world and the next. I do not guarantee to be able to make contact on the other side, but it occurs quite regularly.
Public / Private Speaker » I am available for public or private classes and speaking engagements


There are no set fees. All money and/or gifts offered are received as donations.

The natural preference is that donations = costs as a minimum. I understand that may not always be the case. Please be clear, I am not here to make money. I am here to provide service. Donations are on a sliding scale depending on the ability and financial status of the giver.